Jewellery Art for me is :
Design, because it requires geometrically clear shapes, combinations of materials and composition
Sculpture, for it plays with objects in space and directly depends on the shape of raw materials
Graphics, because it requires honed drawing skills and an ability to work with figurative and abstract images
Painting, since it is impossible without a careful selection of color tones, masses, accents, and textures
Theatre, because it is associated with dress, addresses an audience and completes the embodied persona
Dance, as it becomes recognizable through movement, time and space
A medium of thought, because it is capable of irony or meditation, and a medium of sensation, for it can’t exist without visual-tactile magic.
And more – it is a medium of memory, in that the finest elements of the above are cast in the work as in a talisman

 Was born and studied art in Vladikavkaz, Russia

From 1987 to 2000, lived and worked in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, participating in exhibitions showcasing underground artists and becoming a member of the USSR Union of Designers

Exhibited at the State Museum of Antiques and Jewellery Arts of Uzbekistan, at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art (1996, 1998) in Tashkent and in exhibitions of contemporary crafts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma Ata and others

Living and working in Montreal since 2000


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